(Lengthier tributes)

To the family and friends of Ray,

Our hearts go out to all those who loved Ray and appreciated his tireless work to expose false teaching.  We learned so much from him and his books.

May you sense God's presence and peace during this difficult time.

In Christ,

Art & Lynda M.
BC, Canada

On October 16, 2016, Ray Yungen, author, colleague and friend, passed from this world to heaven. Ray was a modern day prophet of God.  He was the forerunner in warning the present day “evangelical church” they were headed down the road of mystical Babylonian practices towards hell. He cried out almost alone with few others about the coming One World Global Religion” the Bible designates as the harlot. While modest and unassuming, his message was powerful and influential. A relentless researcher, his books and articles exposed deception like no other. I shared the platform with Ray through the years in various places. Ray’s contribution as a defender of God’s Word was second to none. He will be difficult to replace and sadly missed by all those who knew him.

With great sadness and respect,
Roger Oakland, Understand The Times

I'm so VERY sad to hear God has taken this godly man Home, during a time our country is in desperate need of Ray's spiritual wisdom.  His book, A TIME OF DEPARTING, ministered to me greatly at a time when I had no resources but this incredible book!  Thank you, Lighthouse Trails Publishing, for printing & distributing his book.

Valerie Richie

Ray will be sorely missed. I had the blessing of knowing him for the last few years. A few visits in our home as well as many hours of bible study in a small home group in Salem. I always called him a big teddy bear and walking encyclopedia because of his gentle spirit and wealth of knowledge. I praise God we will see him again soon!

God bless,

Evelyn Harris

We were greatly saddened to hear of Ray's passing, but know he is with the Lord whom he loved.  We became familiar with Ray thru his DVD's from Lighthouse Trails and will be forever grateful for his ministry.  A humble man who has been a faithful servant for Christ, working hard to show the Church the pitfalls and dangers of the deceptions that are so prevalent in this age. We will miss his ministry.  Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Dave and Anita B.
BC, Canada

We are all grieving his loss, but not as if we had no hope. Praise God, Ray is happy, now, and probably has many, many crowns to cast before the feet of Jesus. Surely God will raise someone up to carry on what Ray has done.

Terri A.

I would like to first of all, say thank you to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who is Faithful and True...I thank the Lord for His servant, Ray, whom me and my daughter had the privilege to being ministered to, through his writings and his Berean Call Conferences...what a blessing he has been to us and I know that Ray is with Jesus..the Author and Finisher of our faith. We will miss our dear brother greatly.

Lisa G.

I was so sad to hear of Mr. Yungen's passing. It just proves to me that the Lord has a time for all of us to depart this world. I'm so appreciative that Ray answered the call to be a teacher and play a role in discipling so many for Jesus. 

Praying for his family to be comforted at this sad time and rejoicing that he is with our Savior.  

Therese M.

Thank you for letting us know. I have been in prayer for him and am happy to hear he was not in pain and was not alone when the King of Glory called his name. The miracle of God's immense love for us is that Ray is alive! Shed of this body, his eternal state has been promoted into the Bosom of Abraham!

We shall all be together again shortly. What comfort. I will be praying for Ray's loved ones left behind - it is hard to adjust to life when such a godly man is missing from everyday life.

God Bless,

Diane B.

Thank you so much for this; I've been looking to see if there was any more about Mr. Yungen.  He has been in our prayers since we first were informed by you that he needed prayer.  He should have been in our prayers continually, even before this last illness, because of his Christian service.  I many times don't think of such things which I take for granted--esp. when those in ministry are in good health, I'm sad to say.  We've been blessed by his books & we're grateful for them; may many more continue to be blessed by them & his ministry.  We're very grateful that you got to visit him & be with him & that he went "peacefully & without pain."  It was sad to hear about his high fever & shaking so much; I so hoped God would ease his pain.  I know he's with the LORD, of course, but I do wonder why God takes some the way He does & the time He does.  I know He has His reasons which are always right, but such things are still very hard.  I do love Psalm 116:15, "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints."  How very sad for non Christians.

Bill and Christine B.

Having just become acquainted with Mr. Yungen through his book, A Time of Departing,  news of his sudden illness and death came as a shock. Because I wanted to know him better, his time of departing has deeply saddened me as I feel a personal loss. Though we no longer have him here with us on earth I will continue my research of his work, and learn all I can from it. Mr. Yungen deserves the greatest accolade for his contribution to Christianity as a servant of the Lord. 

Katheen D.

Lighthouse Trails was founded because Ray Yungen could not find a mainstream Christian publisher who would publish his book, A Time of Departing. The book has since opened the eyes of hundreds of thousands about the dangers of contemplative prayer in the church.

He will be missed.

John L.

Thank you for letting me know. I prayed for him and his family and sadly it was his time go. He has left a great legacy, leading Christians into truth, with books like 'For Many Shall Come in My Name' and 'A time of departing.' I watched him on youtube talking about the danger of contemplative prayer, which was in my previous Baptist church, and now the pastor of the Calvary Chapel church I attend, subscribes to Lighthouse Trails.
Blessings and prayers,


Dave Hunt, Warren B. Smith, Caryl Matrisciana, Roger Oakland, Ray Yungen

Age, accidents, illness, natural disasters and death, it cannot go unnoticed that these men and women who have walked with God , have each been challenged with tremendous difficulties at this present time.  Is it too much to suggest that the evil one is screaming at them in anger for the good work they have done, exposing the lie and taking a bold stand for gospel truth? We do well to remember them in prayer and thanksgiving for they have been good and faithful servants.  Go in peace, Ray Yungen. Your good work has impacted us also in NZ and Australia and we look forward to meeting you one fine day.
In His Service
Darlene T.A.

Just a word of thank you to our Lord God who guided Ray in his life and his work with Lighthouse Trails! His books and writings were a personal guide to me during a time in my own life that I became aware of the false teachings in my church! This was really a time of personal trouble for me in doubting the Word of God, as I could not accept the false messages being preached by so called ‘Dominee's’, as it did not relate to what my Bible told me about my Redeemer!

I came across Lighthouse Trails some years ago in the guidance of the Lord, and have since found a congregation that preaches the “Truth, the Bible and nothing else”! I Thank my Master and Lord for his guidance in my life and people like Ray and the work being done by Lighthouse Trails! May God Bless and keep Ray’s family in His Grace!

Thys (South Africa)

How burdened I was when the plea went out for prayer for Ray Yungen.  I prayed for Ray, and it was a good reminder to pray for all the other Lighthouse Trails warriors who are currently under attack. (It had not gone unnoticed that so many have been under heavy trials and health issues.)  Then how conflicted I was to learn that Ray passed from this life to Glory--well, glorious for Ray, but sad for all of us who are left behind.  I learned so much from his writings and his interviews.  I'm so thankful for all the years of research and writing that he had done, and for the resources that are still available, even after his physical voice has been silenced.  He was truly a prophet from the Lord, warning the Church of all that is happening and how to arm ourselves to stand against doctrines of demons and seducing spirits.  I am praying that the Lord raises up more men to take Ray's place.  Thank you, Lighthouse Trails, for your light and faithfulness.

Mary S

I am saddened by the passing of someone who greatly influenced my life as a Christian who tried to get the message out about evil practices being brought into the church. I purchased his book " a time of departing " several years ago, and also two of his DVDs on New Age spirituality from the Lighthouse trails catalogue and it really helped me to understand the root of evil behind many New Age practices I was involved with before becoming a believer. Although my church saw me as divisive in the body for pointing out what I had learned from Ray, and did not receive my attempt to educate them, the newfound knowledge helped in my professional vocation of physician to " get the word out" whenever the Lord directed me to do so. I am grateful for Ray's ministry for " such a time as this." My sincere and heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. He fought the good fight, a very lonely and painful journey of the truth. Well done, good and faithful servant!

Dr. T.

It is with profound sadness that we learned of Ray's passing. Sunday morning, I went to the front of the church, to ask for prayer for Ray. As it turned out, the prayers were answered, except in a completely different way, than we expected. I was so privileged to have known Ray personally. We shared a difficult experience, that Deborah will recall, as I had to take Ray back to Grand Forks, ND. due to an unfortunate border incident. However, we had some time to share thoughts that day and God has His way of accomplishing His will.

There were other times that we were able to have special fellowship, at the Southern Manitoba Prophecy Conferences. Ray is what I would refer to as a "real man of God." His service in the defense of the Gospel and to individuals and churches, will only be able to be known, when we are all together in heaven. I can't begin to say enough positive things about this dear friend. I (we) will miss him greatly but, we are happy to know that he is with his Lord, whom he served so faithfully.

sadly submitted,

Dennis & Linda
Manitoba, Canada

I grieve for losing yet another of God’s much needed servants who devoted his life to warn the church about its departing.  For those of us who care so much about the state of the “church” it is a big loss, but we take comfort in knowing that God has His eternal plan and continues to work it out.  Ray is experiencing the Joy of the Lord, a “good and faithful servant“.

Blessings on you and everyone who is grieving.

In Him, Rita

This week a man I admire and deeply respect passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It's been a tough week. He was a brother in Christ and a fellow warrior. I only met Ray Yungen once, over the telephone a few weeks ago when he called to interview me for something new he was writing and we spoke for close to an hour. I saw and heard him speak at a Bible conference in Saskatoon many years ago after reading his books in 2007. You could tell Ray had a shepherd's heart for the Body of Christ.

It might seem strange to some that I would feel a loss so deeply for someone I barely knew. His books and other materials helped me to recognize and understand contemplative spirituality and the spiritual formation movement at a time when I was just becoming involved in it at seminary. I know it was God who directed me, but Ray Yungen and Lighthouse Trails were an instrument God used to do this. He knew how to do research, connect the dots, and explain things in a concise manner and was not afraid to tell the truth (or possibly did so in spite of it). Although I didn't really know him personally, I am so grateful for the impact his materials have had on my life, and successively on the life of my family. My life took a u-turn after reading his books and some others published by Lighthouse Trails. A real spiritual renewal took place at that time, a renewal that continues to this day - a new love and appreciation for God and His Word, and a new desire to stand up for the truth. It was at a time when our marriage and family were struggling and we needed to refocus on what was important. The impact was great, and I think that is why I am so saddened by news of his passing. Not all of the changes we made were easy, but they have been oh, so worthwhile! They were the catalyst for me to start blogging nearly 10 years ago, the first one being more general in nature to tell my personal story and the things I was discovering, and then one specifically to warn the Mennonite Brethren about the contemplative spirituality in their midst (I've now moved to Facebook, mostly). It was a journey that led me to meet many wonderful friends over the Internet through the years, some of whom I have maintained contact to this day.

Although it seems like Ray Yungen left this life too early with a lot of work left to do, I know that his legacy will live on through us and our children. We pray the books he wrote will continue to get read, and eyes will be opened. Although we sorrow now for a fellow-warrior passed on, we also praise God that he is joyfully in the presence of Christ Jesus our Lord, where all those who have placed their faith in Him will meet again soon! We pray that God will continue to raise up men to carry on this important work.

Myron and Bonnie Klaassen
Main Centre, Saskatchewan

We deeply appreciated Ray Yungen's two books; "For Many Shall Come in My Name" and "A Time of Departing."

Although I had never met him, I had been seeing many of the same things in a multitude of denominational and non-denominational Churches over the years.
When I would bring these worldly, quasi-mystical, extra Biblical things up, I was generally disregarded by those in the Church authority. At one point, I had a Pastor screaming "I don't want to talk about it!" when I brought up some of these very same problematic issues mentioned in his two books.

Upon reading Ray Yungen's two books, I went on to purchase many more, and my family and I prayerfully put them into the same hands of others that we had spoken to over the years, and a number that were questioning some of these extra Biblical things that were going on in their Churches.
Our earnest hope was that some would be spared from the various deceptions going on in their Churches.

Unlike many "popular" preachers and authors in our day, he is one of the few who fought the good fight to the end.
I thank God for this brother, we look forward to seeing him again soon enough in heaven.

-Duke and Family

My family and the entire board of Kenya Bryce Home Program are so saddened to learn of the sudden demise of our Brother Ray Yungen.I first knew Ray through the inspirational spiritual books that he wrote and published by LT being titled "A Time of Departing".We will miss him but we hope to share with him in glory at the right time when our Lord Jesus Christ will be revealed.
Rest In Peace.
In Christ
Pastor Pius Achilla

The Church has lost an amazing and insightful writer/teacher in Ray Yungen. He's opened the eyes of many of us with his books and teachings. I am so sad to have to say goodbye to him but God knows best and we know that he's with his Lord now. Thankyou to Lighthouse Trails for giving us Ray Yungen's writings. This says a lot about your organization and your tireless work to get the truth out to and about the "church" today. 

Mary R E. reader/subscriber

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I pray that the Lord will comfort Ray's family and friends. He was certainly anointed by God to articulate clearly the error of contemplative prayer and other heretical matters. I know that Ray will be greatly missed  and pray that the Lord will raise up others to continue to proclaim the truth.

Blessings to all,

Brian G.

I thank God for Ray! He had a bold and wise ability to present the truth from God's Word. We will miss his clarity and courage to confront error that is eroding the church of Christ. Thank you, Ray!

Terri M.


My heart is so saddened to hear of Ray’s passing here on earth, and yet I can only imagine what supreme joy and ecstasy he is now experiencing in our Lord’s glorious presence . . . it brings tears to my eyes and makes me all the more anxious for my own home-going. My heartfelt condolences go out to those of you who were close to Ray and knew him best. Be encouraged, dear ones, and keep the “torch” burning . . . for if there was ever a time that this world needed “lights” in the darkness, it is now. In tender compassion,

Jo Anne S.

I was so saddened to hear that Ray did not make it through the first round of his chemo treatment. I was feverishly praying the night before he died that he would not suffer alone in the hospital. Reading the last LHT update confirmed that my prayers had been answered by you both. Praise the Lord! But what an incredible loss Ray’s absence will be to the Church, save the great work he has left behind. I was on the Panel Discussion with Ray and Warren Smith at The Berean Call conference in August. All of us in attendance were so thrilled and astonished that Pastor Larry DeBruyn was able to be a keynote speaker there while undergoing cancer treatment himself. None of us (including Ray it appears) knew that he was even ill at that time. Life is a vapor.

I first met Ray a number of years ago through Pastor Larry, who was my pastor at a church here in Indianapolis. Ray had come to our church for a weekend seminar on the New Spirituality. We had an instant connection to each other.

Ray was a gifted researcher, author, speaker and discerner, who obviously loved the Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to warn the Church of impending deception and error. Many will feel that he was taken too soon, but our gracious Lord has a perfect plan that cannot be understood in our finite vessels this side of heaven. Perhaps the Lord is reminding us all that our affections are not to be earthbound but heavenward, where we will all be reunited again someday. Maranatha!

May the Lord comfort you at this time.


Gaylene Goodroad (The Discernment Group)

I am so very saddened by Ray Yungen’s passing. I have read his books and watched him on DVD and been informed, encouraged, and strengthened. LHT authors don’t know us, the readers, but it is easy to feel we somehow know them, and to feel close from a distance. In my sadness, I feel, regarding him, as I do with my godly parents and husband who have died—they are Home safe! They have joined the cloud of witnesses. Now it is up to us to carry on in faithfulness to the end, in these perilous end times. I praise God for Ray’s ministry, which will continue to help many people be warned of deception and strong in the Truth.

Ginny C.

So sad to hear of Ray's departure. Going from one extreme to another is so hard. I have never had the honor of meeting Ray, but LOVED his books, so informative and eye-opening. You have a wonderful ministry and the Lord will continue to provide wisdom and discernment in these very perilous times in which we live. Exciting too! to know WE don't HAVE LONG!! waiting for the Trumpet CALL!! the shout to take US OUT.

Sincere Sympathy to Ray's family.
In Christ, Melody L.

I am fairly new to Lighthouse Trails, having learned of your ministry through The Berean Call. Ray Yungen's ministry has helped me greatly and he will be missed. I know that His Lord had His own perfect reasons for calling Ray to come home and be at rest. Please pass my condolences along to his family. Thank you.

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Colleen B.

I'm so sad about Ray, as I know you all are also.  I cried all day on Sunday after receiving Roger's sweet tribute.  I'm crying now as I write.  Ray was such a dear godly man!  I just can't stand that he's gone.  And sadly, our work to defend the faith goes on.  Do you think we are going to see the times get as dark as they were in Noah's and Lot's day?  I just saw where the new Cover Girl is a transgender.

Thank you!!

Love you!!  Lord bless you!!

Julie Cress

 A Loving tribute to Ray Yungen:

First and foremost Ray was a genuine Man of God. He was called by God to a very specific mission and the cry of his heart was to be faithfully obedient to that call.

Ray was a humble man, never puffing himself up or "tooting his own horn." I met Ray approximately 10 years ago and our spirits were very soon united in fellowship. For several years we met weekly in Silverton, over coffee, and Ray would share his heart regarding the great deception that he saw taking place within the modern day church. His calling of God was to be a "Watchman on the Wall" and sound the trumpet of warning to all who would listen. He would admonish in verbal as well as written form, while always doing so in a Godly manner. Ray was a gentleman. But Ray was also a real encourager and I was many times a personal recipient of that encouragement. Our lives were changed by Ray so that we also could sound the alarm over deception within the church.

We miss Ray enormously but we will someday meet up with him in Heaven as we stand before our Lord's throne. Ray is now experiencing Joy beyond our comprehension.

He fought the good fight. He finished the race. He kept the faith. He finished well.

Wes and Judy R.

In life, we come across certain people who are extraordinary in character. Ray Yungen was just such a person.

It was Ray who first made us aware of the Catholic contemplative mysticism and certain New Age practices becoming popular and entering the church. He did more than point them out, he explained what they were and why a Christian should not participate in this kind of spirituality. As he explained about centering prayer, also: contemplative prayer was a means for all to find the God within by attaining oneness with self. This is the basis for Eastern religions from which mystical traditions originate.

Ray did not parse the truth, but he was considerate in the way he presented it to those caught in deceptions. A ministry is validated by a person’s example of being a servant, willing to help others, and not just by what they know. His knowledge did not surpass his caring, and his passion was genuine in helping others who were deceived by contemplative and New Age practices. Ray was always pleasant to speak with and be with.

I remember several years ago when we got together to film an Emerging Church DVD. We were sitting at the dinner table waiting for the food when Ray pulled out the book, The Shack, and read some quotes, asking us what we thought. He wanted our input before he voiced what his own concerns.

Another night, we decided to visit the local secular bookstore in town, and he immediately grabbed a few books off the shelves showing us the very same practices that the church was contending with. Ray was always animated about his ministry work.

I spoke with Ray a year ago on the phone as he was concerned about his health, especially his immune system. We discussed what could and could not be used to boost his immune system, which was very low at the time, avoiding any type of New Age medicine or techniques. Neither of us had any idea that this could later become cancer.

Being in this camp of apologetics, Ray was on the front line as a watchman who spoke on the changes of the church from inside influences of what we call the New Age teachings.

It is those who realize what is at stake who speak out. There is no doubt that Ray had his share of enemies, those who were willing to fight against him, not understanding what he was saying—they were just reacting to the things he said were wrong and dangerous. But he also had many friends who benefited from his friendship, his research, and his writings. Ray will be dearly missed. He leaves a legacy of research and writing that will be referred to by many in the years to come.

Ray is now, by the grace of God, able to rest and enjoy his rewards.

Mike Oppenheimer
Let Us Reason Ministries

My profound condolence to you and Lighthouse Trails for the loss of Ray Yungen.  He was more than a ray but a laser beam shining on and exposing the most subtle teachings of darkness.  More than a soldier but a  special forces warrior.  We will all miss him greatly! 

James Sundquist, Reearcher and award-winning classic guitarist

Our hearts and souls cry out as we heard that our good friend and brother Ray Yungen, has gone to be with the Lord.  He was an incredible friend that loved Jesus and His truth, and not many would dare share with boldness the necessities the church needed to hear. I'm thankful as I'm sure we all are that knew him, were able to spend time with him, as he was one of a kind.

My wife and I spent a couple weeks with Ray in Ireland.  We were helping a local fellowship and were already familiar with Ray but had never had the pleasure of meeting him.  He came over for three weeks to encourage the local church we were with as well and did a conference in downtown Cork.

Though the message wasn't widely accepted in Ireland, Ray loved the Irish people and you could see that with how he communicated with them.  I was blessed to join him in several bookstores as he soared through the shelves looking for heresies, which were pretty common even in the Christian bookstores, and yet Ray and I shared the truth with any and everybody willing to speak.

His gentle heart did not match his giant steps and yet any one who has experienced a minute with him would say the same.  He loved talking about the Lord and the joy to know His Savior with such humility and kindness.

One specific memory I love about Ray is going and getting a milkshake after a long study in a Veritas bookstore.  Ray was hungry and yet that shake rocked his world.  He didn't stop talking about that place for the rest of his stay and even in exchange of emails and others running into him, he still mentioned that time we enjoyed that delicious shake. 
My wife and I are so grateful for the time we spent with him and will miss him so much.  What a joy it is to know we will share eternity together.

Kyle P.

It is with a combination of rejoicing and deep sadness that Moriel & Jacob Prasch learned that Christian author and apologist Ray Yungen has gone home to be with Jesus. In heaven there is indeed rejoicing. For we who remain to carry on the battle that Ray fought with such Christ centred integrity and dedication however, it is a day of deep sadness. Although the separation is but temporary, until we are reunited with Ray again in the day Jesus returns , we shall certainly miss him dearly. Yet, as with Dave Hunt, though Ray is absent from the body but present with The Lord, we meanwhile, shall continue to be inspired by his fervency, fortitude, and dedication to Christ.

Moriel Ministries

I never met Ray but I'm privileged to have read his books and heard him speak via podcasts.  We have all lost an exceptionally perceptive writer and teacher. His diligent research leading to the production of his books and other teaching materials have helped myself and many others get a clear picture of the deception that has overtaken many inside the visible church and the world. We will all miss him and his labours for the Lord. While this is sad for those close to him and us, who are fellow labourers, we are thankful to know and rejoice that he is safe in the hands of his Lord. 

".... knowing that you  were ransomed from  the futile ways .... not with perishable things such as silver or gold but  with the precious blood of Christ (I Peter 1: 18-9)

Every blessing - may the Lord comfort you in the grief at the loss of our brother.

Roger M.

United Kingdom

I was so sorry to hear of Brother Ray's passing. He was a true light in the midst of a deep darkness! ( I believe my first knowledge of him was from the video, "The Old Version: The Real Roots of the Emerging Church" . . . Such an outstanding expose of the Emergent Church falsehood!) I have read almost all of the articles on your Lighthouse Trails website, of which he was an honorable contributor.

I know he is in his Heavenly home now, in perfect peace; but his continued presence here will be truly missed. Thankfully his light will continue to shine through your website for many years to come!

May the dear Lord Jesus greatly comfort all who deeply loved and appreciated him . . . We know we'll see him again! . . . Till then . . . In the love of Jesus . . .


Ray Yungen was a mature Christian with a warm, easygoing, personality.  He unabashedly taught how New Age beliefs and practices conflict with Christianity, doing the careful research others do not have time for.  His extensive knowledge of the Bible was key in forming those conclusions.  

Ray was courageous and insightful when he distinguished truth from error, even when it ruffled feathers, where compromised doctrines prevail.  He is now with our Lord Jesus Christ in glory, but he will certainly be missed. May his work continue to enlighten the lost.

L. Tallman
Petaluma, Ca.

The libraries and bookstores in the Salem, Oregon area will never be the same. For several decades, Ray Yungen faithfully visited them as he fulfilled his role as a prophetic researcher for the church. His book, A Time of Departing, was a strongly needed warning about the dangers of contemplative prayer.

We spent quite a bit of time with Ray over the years . . . in our home . . . at conferences . . . in his hometown of Salem . . . even in the grandeur of Yosemite National Park. During these visits and in our countless phone calls with him, he never failed to bring a huge smile to our faces. His wonderful sense of humor was truly extraordinary.

Ray Yungen—our beloved friend and brother in Christ—was a delightful man who made this world a much happier place. We will miss him greatly . . . until we see him again in Glory. We thank the Lord that he so deeply touched our lives and the lives of so many others.

Warren and Joy Smith, Mountain Stream Press, Central California

I only met Ray once at a discernment conference but I also have some of his published material. I understand he does not have a worldly family but he clearly has a 'heavenly' family in his new surroundings! He also had a Bible believing Christian family throughout his God ordained ministry. He was a humble man with a deep love for the Lord and a Jeremiah burden for the lost.... and for the straying evangelical church. There seem to be fewer of us as the second coming of The King draws near. But I firmly believe that Ray's gentle influence on thousands of Biblical Christians will result in a harvest for the Kingdom.

Looking forward to meet Ray soon!  

Because Christ Lives, 

Dick L.
Kerygma,  BC Canada.
(Special greetings to Dave and Debra @ Lighthouse Trails for being such special people in Ray's life)



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